Who we are - What We Do
It's more than just a place, it's an experience...

The perfect summer location,Val's Place is a dream land where you can experience good music, food, nature and love.

EAT! EAT! That is the motto when you come to our place. We cater to the needs of all types of people with satisfying portions, for a very affordable price. The quality of our food is undeniable as we work to provide as much as we can from our very own organic farm. What we can't manage to grow from our land we look to mutually support our neighboring farmers. The kitchen is based on our mother's delicious recipes . A true wizard in the kitchen, she combines her knowledge of food and creativity, producing dishes that truly water your mouth.

We are the home of renowned, music festivals and retreats. A few to mention are the Ecstatic Dance Festival (October), Jazz Festival (August), and the El Circo Festival (May) Omandbass Festival (May). In addition to that, we host live performances from local and international artists. Valentinos and Evri are also magical musicians that are sure to pull on your heart strings or get you dancing. Every Friday Val's friends and family gather to perform. If you play or sing you are always welcome to join the band!

Camping at our place is a lovely option! You have a sea view sunset while you are cradled by a forested mountain range. Campers create a community, often bringing their instruments manifesting in spontaneous jam sessions.

When the summer season comes to an end, the restaurant closes and we retire to the garden. Our priority becomes the maintenance and development of our land. From catering to our certified organic garden, to creating a new corner, we strive to evolve and become the best versions of ourselves. To learn more about what we offer in our garden click here (link).

Our Story

On the 9th of October 1983 our parents met for the first time at a friends wedding. It was love at first sight and from that moment they begun their journey together. In June 1985 they got married in Ayia Marina Church and by 1986 they had their first child, Maria . While carrying their second child, Evristheni, in 1987 they moved to Gialia - a village seconds away from Ayia Marina - in order to raise their children in nature and away from the hustle of the city. In 1988 they had their third child , Dimitris.

In the early 90’s, our father was given by the Cypriot government land as a reimburse for his lost properties during the Turkish invasion. We built greenhouses and began planting our own vegetables, fruits, trees and herbs. Not long after the family was also given the house that was situated right above their lands. Years before the war, the house was owned by a couple who were not able to have their own children, so they opened their hearts and turned their home into a knitting workshop for Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot women, creating a community space. For years the house changed owners and functionalities, but this time it was introduced to the village by our parents as ‘O kafenes tou Andrea’. In 1993 the family welcomed to the world our youngest, Valentinos. With this breath of fresh air we gave our small paradise a new name ‘Valentino’s café/snack bar’. We would only open a few hours during the day, serving kebabs and refreshments.

With our mothers vision as our driving force, piece by piece, we breathed life to the place, creating and pouring love. All four of us were always a part of our parents new projects and their new adventures. we were raised amongst the trees, learning how to sing to the flowers , how to sing to the sun and how to love every living thing around us. It had now become our new home and our mother wanted all the people to experience the beauty, warmth and sense of community. By 2010, Evristheni and Dimitris had both began their journey in music. Valentinos started following their footsteps and begun to explore the guitar. Together they began performing every Friday during summer, filling ‘Valentino’s café/snack bar’ with music, joy and laughter. They kept their Friday night lives an ongoing tradition, until today. The eldest child Maria, an artist at heart too, started her own business 'Tiny little things by Marilou' creating handmade custom products for her customers. Since 2015, it has been managed by Valentinos and Evristheni. Our paradise was now reborn into Val’s Place. 

What is Val’s Place

The restaurant kitchen is based on our mother's delicious recipes . A true wizard in the kitchen, she combines her knowledge of food (that was passed down from her mother) and creativity, producing dishes that truly water your mouth.
Our camping site it is one that constantly progresses and grows in capacity. With new showers and toilets
in place, our facilities can host more than 50 happy campers who can enjoy our affordable camping
packages and the beautiful sunset.